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Leather CareUpdated 7 months ago

Leather comes from nature. It breathes and has a natural elasticity.  As a natural product, true leather has a quality not seen in faux leather or other plastic substitutes.  As a result of our products coming from nature, there is a beautiful porous state found in our high-end items.  You may notice a natural flowing beauty in the minor color changes across our luxury quality items.  Please note that these items are not flawed in any way but, are exactly as nature intended them to be; perfectly imperfect.

When deciding to purchase suede and lighter leather-colored cases, please notice the minor wrinkles that only show themselves on soft genuine leather.  In keeping with the natural ways of leather, some of our items may not contain chemicals.  As a result, these particular products may be quite sensitive to rain.  It is important to take special care of such fine items.  As an example, it is important to keep the shape of our high-quality leather bags.  Simply filling the bags with a sponge or scrap paper will do a fantastic job of guaranteeing that the bags keep their original shape.  Perfumes and the like may also damage the leather when directly applied.  In the case that bags and cases do get wet, use a smooth fabric to wipe the water and then leave the product to dry.

We recommend the following care guidelines in order to keep your purchase as beautiful as it was always intended to be:

-Avoid having your leather see prolonged contact with magazines or other items.  Even colored leather can potentially cause an issue if left in contact with other light-colored goods.  This is especially true of smaller leather goods.

-Protect your leather items from heat and humidity.  It is especially important to keep genuine leather away from radiators and the potentially damaging effects of hot summer cars.

-Continued sunlight exposure may cause the color of your leather to fade.  This is especially important for lightly colored leather.  Such leather has an increased chance of taking on a yellow tinge.

-Be certain to avoid rubbing your leather on rough surfaces as the color may rub off and always avoid scratching as it will damage the leather permanently.

-Do your best to avoid saturating your leather goods with perfume, makeup, hand cream, and also hand sanitizer.

-You will receive a complimentary dust bag with your order for certain products.  This will assist you with proper care of your genuine leather items. 

-It is important that genuine leather avoids high temperatures, high humidity, and storage in areas lacking a natural airflow.

-Interaction with MagSafe accessories might leave slight imprints on the leather. We recommend not using any chargers with silicone rings.


The skin of natural cowhide leather is treated to a finish through a vegetal tanning process.  As part of this luxurious process, there may be some natural markings and small yet beautiful irregularities in the leather.  As time passes this delicate sensitive leather will acquire a beautiful patina.

Be certain to protect your leather from water as this may cause a stain on your item.  If your product does get wet simply dab it with a lint-free absorbent cloth of a light color.

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